How to Handle Getting Lost


Knowing how to navigate their way out of a scary situation is a learned skill for kids. Getting lost in a crowd is an example. Skills for Life host, Becca, takes kids through the steps of keeping calm and looking for a safe space within a crowd. Simple advice from memorizing family information, taking in their surroundings and looking for a safe grown up are all covered in this very important short.

The Future

The future

Technology is such an important part of our everyday life, it seems impossible to think of a time before the ubiquitous use of phones, tablets and laptops for learning and entertainment. But when we think of the future and skills kids need, there are other important soft skills kids can learn both at home and school. Join Skills for Life host, Becca, as she outlines the most important ones in the first of a series of fun educational shorts geared towards kids! You can find more on our website.



Many kids see in their schools and communities reminders that recycling is important, but the messaging isn’t always geared towards them. Skills for Life host, Becca, walks kids through easy ways that they can feel empowered to contribute to the health of the planet. The Skills for Life website also features fun links to recycling activities that kids can do to turn trash into treasure!

The Arts


Why are the Arts important for kids? Because they actually teach skills to kids that we often take for granted.

Consider the following:

Problem solving: Art and creativity teach this vital soft skill, key for collaborating with others as an adult. 

Gross motor skills: Working with paint brushes and scissors, markers and their hands, kids develop gross motor skills which will serve them as they grow.

Build confidence: anything goes with art. There is no right or wrong way to explore. This sort of risk-free exploration really builds up kids self esteem. 

Check out the Skills for Life segment with our host, Becca, that covers the beauty and importance of the arts for kids.