Tim Wakefield is the artist and founder behind Soundwaves Art Foundation 501(c)3. Originally from London, but based out of Austin, TX, Tim creates modern and unique art that combines music and technology by capturing the digital heartbeat of some of the world’s most iconic music.

To create each of his Soundwaves Art pieces Tim colors, distorts, and manipulates the actual soundwaves of songs through a proprietary art process he has created and honed for the past 11 years. Each piece is signed by the musician(s) behind the song, and 100% of profits are donated to charities, focusing primarily on social justice, the environment, disaster relief, and mental health.

As a non-profit, Soundwaves Art Foundation has raised over $2.8M for charity by working with 300+ artists including Coldplay, Willie Nelson, Tina Turner, Pink Floyd, Outkast, The Cure, Common, Dolly Parton, and Celine Dion. Their art, which has been purchased by collectors in over 60 countries, has supported dozens of charities, including War Child, Notes for Notes, The Hispanic Federation, The Women’s Refugee Commission, BonnarooWorks, the ACLU, and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

Check out their Austin-specific gallery of artists.

The Beach Boys, “Surfer Girl”
Soundwaves’ Tim Wakefield with
Annie Lennox