Paul lidel

MASTER CLASS, 6-7pm, Sunday: Tips & Tricks for Guitarists of All Levels

A professional guitar teacher for 35 years, Lidel’s played and toured with: Dangerous Toys (Columbia Records), Dirty Looks (Atlantic Records) and many others. He’s been a member of the faculty of the University of Texas and the National Guitar Workshop, and author of “The Pro Guitarists Handbook,” an #1 best selling guitar instruction DVD.

Lidel was voted best guitarist in Austin Texas in 2003 in Edge Magazine readers poll. 


“Best guitar/music teacher I’ve ever had. If you like classic rock, blues, jazz, country, metal, any freaking style this guy can teach it to you on the guitar. If you need a teacher he’s your guy!” – Kyle Franklin

“I learned SO MUCH during my time taking lessons from Paul Lidel. The dude is a legit rock star and can teach anyone how to play guitar! Talk about distance learning… taking online lessons from Paul would be amazing! Hit him up and let him get you and your kids rockin’.” – Brian Ligon 

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