Maggie duval

MASTER CLASS, noon-1pm, Sunday:

SUNDAY: Noon-1pm

Rev. Maggie Duval, the “Mind Travel Agent,” brings over 16 years of experience and expertise as a producer, director and experiential designer to her work as a Somatic Writing facilitator.

In 2002, she completed her training as a Somatic Writing facilitator, a creative and therapeutic technique combining monologue writing and performance developed by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein.

In addition to supporting people in their Somatic Writing process, Maggie has helped design and implement one person shows. She is masterful at creating multilayered experiences combining art, sound, color, and tech to uniquely engage and inspire audiences with story and message. Her integrated approach focuses on setting the stage and creating a mood via themed environments that combine set design, decor, lighting, projection, special effects, interactive art, costuming, and more.

As a producer and director, and long-term explorer of the convergence of art + science + tech + entertainment since her early involvement in Burning Man, she has created, produced, and directed exciting and immersive intimate to large scale events at SXSW Interactive and beyond. Facilitation, design, direction, and production credits include:

Somatic Writing-related events:  Standing on the Gone Side of Leaving (Dana Williams One Person Show Staged Reading); The Election Monologues: Austin; San Marcos Stories; and She Moves Like Water: Aryana Rising, a One Woman Show. 

Larger scale events include: EFF@SXSW 2014: A Cyberpunk Retrofest; Showdown at Unobtainium: Tesla vs. Edison; The Spectral Panopticon: A Fundraiser for the Round Top Festival Institute; STEAM³: The Future of Education (Austin, 2014 & Atlanta, 2015); Plutopia@SXSW Interactive: Living Systems (2009), The Science of Music (2010, The Future of Play (2011); The Future Music Summit at Round Top Festival Institute featuring DJ Spooky; NPO Camp; NextEcon Conference; and many more.