CHERMAN (German Quino Ganoza) was born in Lima-Perú in 1969. He is a self-taught graphic artist and the creator of CHERMANY, an imaginary nation where everything is possible through art in its purest expression.
Cherman discovered drawing at a very young age, strongly influenced by his roots and his environment, and the comics and characters that became part of his daily life. Throughout his career, Cherman has stood out for promoting Peruvian culture through his art, as well as for showing and reflecting the multifaceted dimensions of Peruvian society and identity. His work also includes graphics of universal icons and prominent moments in history. Cherman is considered a reference for graphic art in Perú and Latin America.
In addition to drawing as an expression of art, Cherman is knowledgeable about the different graphic processes, printing techniques, architecture, and use of paper. Throughout his 30 plus years of career, Cherman has produced hundreds of original works, limited edition pieces, graphic art in the form of stamps and posters, logos, and art catalogs, to name a few. He has collaborated with organizations such as Operation Smile, Make a Wish, and WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature, and with renowned companies such as Benetton, Converse, Asics, Sony, Adidas, and American Express, among others. Among his most cherished achievements are the creation of the first massive fanzine (a magazine created by fans) in Peru, under the name of Crash Boom Zap, which published 18 issues with 10,000 free copies per print run; and the design of the official jersey for the Peruvian soccer team in 2012, in collaboration with Umbro.