chef marko


Chef Marko has been reinventing his culinary innovation for over thirty five years to the delight of audiences and noted celebrities. As an enthusiastic instructor, plant based chef, performance artist, cookbook author and television personality, Marko has been asked to guest chef everywhere from London to Baranoff Island in Southeast Alaska. He is currently a public event specialist for Word of Mouth and is focused on launching a virtual cooking platform to promote health and wellness. His adventures range from cooking for Dr. Oz and his family, to hosting a kid’s cooking show on PBS, to being featured at The Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Chef Marko’s passionate teaching style allows guests to become more autonomous in their own kitchens. Marko encourages participants to go beyond following a recipe. He empowers students to explore formulas of why things work, to fully comprehend flavor profiles, culinary methods, and more.

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