Boyd scheer

As a boy, Scheer fell in love with Vincent van Gogh and knew he wanted to be a painter. He trained for 13 years in his youth by Wassily Sommer, Russian-born modernist landscape and portrait artist who moved to Anchorage, Alaska, becoming a US citizen. His style was impressionistic, but changed with the times towards a more sparing abstract.  Sommer was, in turned, trained by Oskar Kokoshka, known for his intense expressionism.

As a young man, Scheer studied the works of George Gurdjieff, and his understudy, J. G. Bennett, in search of  a higher state of consciousness. This thread led inexorably to Beshara and the Gift of Compassion held forth in the works of Ibn Arabi and the “Brides of Absoluteness.”  

“Her Hair (spun with galaxies)”
“Easter 2019”