The City of Austin will present a proclamation this Thursday, June 22, 5pm, at City Hall/Council Chambers, pre-declaring “Boyd Vance Day” on July 9 (his birthday).

UPDATE: Here’s the video – click on “Proclamation 1.”

Boyd Vance was the Pecan Street Association’s posthumous Heritage Award winner last year, as an artist/producer/organizer, preserving and promoting the arts in Austin. Councilmember Ora Houston was gracious enough to sponsor a similar honor this year, while Council is tackling the long-overdue issue of systematic racism in our City – something Boyd would have been at the forefront of as he fought to preserve African-American culture while Austin’s African-American population was dwindling.

Please join us for the reading, alongside his brother Clen and twin brother Booker, and a brief reception following in the lobby.

Booker Vance (front center); Clen Vance (rear center), Mayor Adler, Cmbr. Ora Houston (sponsor) and friends

Booker Vance (front center); Clen Vance (rear center), Mayor Adler, Cmbr. Ora Houston (sponsor) and friends

A message from his brothers:

With the name of the Creator
Little Man with the Giant Footprint
It has been 12 years since our brother transitioned to the big stage in the sky. We want to thank everyone in the Austin community for remembering and acknowledging his influence. He has been honored with many proclamations/awards and since his death with a theater named after him and most recently the Pecan Street Association’s Heritage Award. A street where his voice can still be heard coming out of the clubs there.  He left a legacy as an educator, comic, actor, singer, dancer, director, community activist, coordinator, aids advocate, proud gay man, party animal, cook, speaker, Christian, story teller, cheerleader, confidant, gossiper, cousin, nephew, uncle, brother-in-law, HNIC and most of all our BROTHER.
We love him and miss him madly. Thank you Austin again and everyone behind the scenes who made this happen.
May the Creator continue to bless and keep my brother,
Clen Del and Booker Vance