How DO We DO It?

You’d be amazed how few people are behind the scenes creating the largest art and music festival in TX – TWICE a year – the only free fest of its kind around!  Besides our hard-working volunteer board members; our part-time PSA executive director; our part-time bookkeeper Kristy Simpson; the amazing crew from Event Support Professionals; our bar staff led by Rebecca Ledesma; our electrical crew – trained by the late/great Bob “Bulb” Cannon; infrastructure from Adam’s Canopy; our music booker Michael Howard; and of course, our police officers/security team and medical team — much of the year-round heavy-lifting is done by our two stalwart producers, Luis Zapata and Christopher Haddad.

Another fest successfully in full gear!

For our first profile, we introduce you to Production Manager, Christopher Haddad.  After graduating from St. Edward’s University with a degree in Digital Media, Chris knew what he wanted to do with that education straight away. He jumped right into talent buying and event production, soon coming to the attention of Pecan Street Festival’s producer Luis Zapata/Special Events Live in time for him to join the team for the spring 2012 Pecan Street Festival.

Chris pours his heart and soul into bringing Texans a great event. He curates, manages and places the nearly 300 art/craft and food vendors/working with government entities for permits/compliance; recruits and manages many of our sponsors along with their large-scale activations; coordinates all our digital media/on-line presence/oversees website updates and sees to it the festival comes off without a hitch.

Christopher in his element

“Pecan Fest is always…..there. Everything else has changed or is gone. It steps confidently along on its own unique pathway that cannot be matched, and is in my opinion, the last real remaining true Austin experience on such a large scale. To be a part of that for so many years, to see nearly everything else flow with the times and morph in so many ways and for us to still be here and keep our overall roots in tact; I mean…..we are the time capsule. It begs for its patrons to leave everything behind and take it in. It encourages everyone to still get weird. Where else can you still confidently use these defining characteristics around this town nowadays?”      –  Christopher Haddad

We here at the Pecan Street Association are pleased as punch with Chris’ endless energy and his dedication to constantly improving the festival such that it’s not only great for artists and festival-goers, but increasingly secure in its longevity.

Keep an eye out for him at the next festival and give him a thumbs up if you’re fast enough…he’ll be the blur moving at light speed!