Introducing our 39th Annual Fall Pecan Street Festival‘s Featured Artist: Linda Dumont.  

It would be easy to mistake Linda Dumont for a native Austinite, given the love she pours into her paintings that often feature iconic Austin images.

Hailing from the northeast, she attended The School of The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University (SMFA Boston) and Moore College of Art (Philidelphia), where she began to develop her unique style of bursting color and vitality. She says her 1984 move to Austin brought a “vast and youthful energy” to her work.

Art is literally in her blood, as the great grandniece on one side of her family of Joseph Margulies and the great grandniece on the other side of Mark Rothko!  Being surrounded by such artistic greatness, she describes art as always having been integral to who she is.

Growing up so immersed in art lends towards her whimsical, yet, controlled, approach.  Her rich, exploding abstract expressionist colors mixed with her easily-recognizable representational themes draws the viewer in completely, immersing them in her world.

“The artist renounces anything in their experience that is a barrier between themselves and life.  It is making yourself more available, more gentle and open to others…then you can experience the goodness of being alive, and you can respect who and what you are, with a sense of reality and with gratitude towards life. I think we are experiencing art on the local scene as an awakening of the heart.” – Linda Dumont

Linda developed an original work for this Fall’s poster and t-shirt design, so please come pick one up at the Pecan Street Association Booth at Sixth St. and Trinity, and meet the artist in the booth next door!