As part of Pecan Street Association’s (PSA) mission to promote historical awareness of the historic Sixth Street district, PSA is creating plaques that highlight not just the buildings, but the people that helped shaped the district; emphasizing the rich and varied history of the corridor.

plaques.historical 6th photo

Sixth Street has seen its share of booms and downturns: from the turn of the 20th century when immigrant merchants found success; to the 40s/50s where racial diversity was thriving in the downtown collision of east and west Austin; to the troubled 80s where Sixth Street lost much of its sparkle. This project is a celebration of the renaissance of Sixth St. as a destination for tourists and locals alike.

We wish to credit the Sixth St. merchant community itself who has kept much of this history alive, as well as the book “Sixth Street” (part of the “Images of America” series) by Allen Childs, a Sixth St. native.


Here are the plaques PSA has produced and mounted to date:


301 E. Sixth; Parkside; Joe Lung
311 E. Sixth; The Nook; Leslie Cochran
316 E. Sixth; Roppolo’s Pizza; St. Charles Building
320 E. Sixth; The Ritz Theater; The Ritz Theater
408 E. Sixth; The 512; Crown Tailors
521 E. Sixth; The Velveeta Room; The Cactus Theater
520 E. Sixth; The Westin (recruitment center); The Carrington-Lyons Family
525 E. Sixth; Esther’s Follies/Red River side; Triple J Tavern
600 Sabine; Carl Daywood, Realtors/The Daywoods